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Namespace Cake\ORM

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  • An Association is a relationship established between two tables and is used to configure and customize the way interconnected records are retrieved.

  • A container/collection for association classes.

  • Base class for behaviors.

  • BehaviorRegistry is used as a registry for loaded behaviors and handles loading and constructing behavior objects.

  • Exposes the methods for storing the associations that should be eager loaded for a table once a query is provided and delegates the job of creating the required joins and decorating the results so that those associations can be part of the result set.

  • An entity represents a single result row from a repository. It exposes the methods for retrieving and storing properties associated in this row.

  • Contains logic to convert array data into entities.

  • Extends the base Query class to provide new methods related to association loading, automatic fields selection, automatic type casting and to wrap results into a specific iterator that will be responsible for hydrating results if required.

  • Represents the results obtained after executing a query for a specific table This object is responsible for correctly nesting result keys reported from the query, casting each field to the correct type and executing the extra queries required for eager loading external associations.

  • ORM flavoured rules checker.

  • OOP style Save Option Builder.

  • Represents a single database table.

  • Provides a registry/factory for Table objects.

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