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Native build system toolset specification provided by user.

Some CMake generators support a toolset specification to tell the native build system how to choose a compiler. If the user specifies a toolset (e.g. via the cmake(1) -T option) the value will be available in this variable.

The value of this variable should never be modified by project code. A toolchain file specified by the CMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE variable may initialize CMAKE_GENERATOR_TOOLSET. Once a given build tree has been initialized with a particular value for this variable, changing the value has undefined behavior.

Toolset specification is supported only on specific generators:

See native build system documentation for allowed toolset names.

Visual Studio Toolset Selection

The Visual Studio Generators support toolset specification using one of these forms:

  • toolset
  • toolset[,key=value]*
  • key=value[,key=value]*

The toolset specifies the toolset name. The selected toolset name is provided in the CMAKE_VS_PLATFORM_TOOLSET variable.

The key=value pairs form a comma-separated list of options to specify generator-specific details of the toolset selection. Supported pairs are:

Specify the CUDA toolkit version to use. Supported by VS 2010 and above with the CUDA toolkit VS integration installed. See the CMAKE_VS_PLATFORM_TOOLSET_CUDA variable.
Request use of the native x64 toolchain on x64 hosts. Supported by VS 2013 and above. See the CMAKE_VS_PLATFORM_TOOLSET_HOST_ARCHITECTURE variable.
Specify the toolset version to use. Supported by VS 2017 and above with the specified toolset installed. See the CMAKE_VS_PLATFORM_TOOLSET_VERSION variable.

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