operator fun <T> Array<out T>.contains(element: T): Boolean
operator fun ByteArray.contains(element: Byte): Boolean
operator fun ShortArray.contains(element: Short): Boolean
operator fun IntArray.contains(element: Int): Boolean
operator fun LongArray.contains(element: Long): Boolean
operator fun FloatArray.contains(element: Float): Boolean
operator fun DoubleArray.contains(element: Double): Boolean
operator fun BooleanArray.contains(element: Boolean): Boolean
operator fun CharArray.contains(element: Char): Boolean

Returns true if element is found in the array.

operator fun <T> Iterable<T>.contains(element: T): Boolean

Returns true if element is found in the collection.

inline operator fun <K, V> Map<out K, V>.contains(
    key: K
): Boolean

Checks if the map contains the given key.

This method allows to use the x in map syntax for checking whether an object is contained in the map.

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