inline fun <S, T : S> Array<out T>.reduceRight(
    operation: (T, acc: S) -> S
): S
inline fun ByteArray.reduceRight(
    operation: (Byte, acc: Byte) -> Byte
): Byte
inline fun ShortArray.reduceRight(
    operation: (Short, acc: Short) -> Short
): Short
inline fun IntArray.reduceRight(
    operation: (Int, acc: Int) -> Int
): Int
inline fun LongArray.reduceRight(
    operation: (Long, acc: Long) -> Long
): Long
inline fun FloatArray.reduceRight(
    operation: (Float, acc: Float) -> Float
): Float
inline fun DoubleArray.reduceRight(
    operation: (Double, acc: Double) -> Double
): Double
inline fun BooleanArray.reduceRight(
    operation: (Boolean, acc: Boolean) -> Boolean
): Boolean
inline fun CharArray.reduceRight(
    operation: (Char, acc: Char) -> Char
): Char
inline fun <S, T : S> List<T>.reduceRight(
    operation: (T, acc: S) -> S
): S

Accumulates value starting with last element and applying operation from right to left to each element and current accumulator value.

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