inline fun <T, R : Comparable<R>> Array<out T>.sortedBy(
    crossinline selector: (T) -> R?
): List<T>
inline fun <R : Comparable<R>> ByteArray.sortedBy(
    crossinline selector: (Byte) -> R?
): List<Byte>
inline fun <R : Comparable<R>> ShortArray.sortedBy(
    crossinline selector: (Short) -> R?
): List<Short>
inline fun <R : Comparable<R>> IntArray.sortedBy(
    crossinline selector: (Int) -> R?
): List<Int>
inline fun <R : Comparable<R>> LongArray.sortedBy(
    crossinline selector: (Long) -> R?
): List<Long>
inline fun <R : Comparable<R>> FloatArray.sortedBy(
    crossinline selector: (Float) -> R?
): List<Float>
inline fun <R : Comparable<R>> DoubleArray.sortedBy(
    crossinline selector: (Double) -> R?
): List<Double>
inline fun <R : Comparable<R>> BooleanArray.sortedBy(
    crossinline selector: (Boolean) -> R?
): List<Boolean>
inline fun <R : Comparable<R>> CharArray.sortedBy(
    crossinline selector: (Char) -> R?
): List<Char>
inline fun <T, R : Comparable<R>> Iterable<T>.sortedBy(
    crossinline selector: (T) -> R?
): List<T>

Returns a list of all elements sorted according to natural sort order of the value returned by specified selector function.

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