npm Services

Getting started

Private packages


Using npm

CLI commands

  • access Set access level on published packages
  • adduser Add a registry user account
  • audit Run a security audit
  • bin Display npm bin folder
  • bugs Bugs for a package in a web browser maybe
  • build Build a package
  • bundle REMOVED
  • cache Manipulates packages cache
  • ci Install a project with a clean slate
  • completion Tab Completion for npm
  • config Manage the npm configuration files
  • dedupe Reduce duplication
  • deprecate Deprecate a version of a package
  • dist-tag Modify package distribution tags
  • docs Docs for a package in a web browser maybe
  • doctor Check your environments
  • edit Edit an installed package
  • explore Browse an installed package
  • help Get help on npm
  • help-search Search npm help documentation
  • hook Manage registry hooks
  • init create a package.json file
  • install Install a package
  • install-ci-test
  • install-test
  • link Symlink a package folder
  • logout Log out of the registry
  • ls List installed packages
  • npm javascript package manager
  • outdated Check for outdated packages
  • owner Manage package owners
  • pack Create a tarball from a package
  • ping Ping npm registry
  • prefix Display prefix
  • profile Change settings on your registry profile
  • prune Remove extraneous packages
  • publish Publish a package
  • rebuild Rebuild a package
  • repo Open package repository page in the browser
  • restart Restart a package
  • root Display npm root
  • run-script Run arbitrary package scripts
  • search Search for packages
  • shrinkwrap Lock down dependency versions for publication
  • star Mark your favorite packages
  • stars View packages marked as favorites
  • start Start a package
  • stop Stop a package
  • team Manage organization teams and team memberships
  • test Test a package
  • token Manage your authentication tokens
  • uninstall Remove a package
  • unpublish Remove a package from the registry
  • update Update a package
  • version Bump a package version
  • view View registry info
  • whoami Display npm username

Configuring npm

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